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Our Story

Just Select Your Destination, Let Us Do The Rest.

Our mission began behind a passion for yachts and a vision for Tyros. Experience the incomparable feeling of freedom when motoring across the majestic crystalline waters and colorful marine life.

We share our passion for sailing and the love for the Unexplored Peloponnese with you, the natural wonders and quiet sanctuaries of sea life, personalized service, welcoming tavernas, world-class accommodations, amazing water sports and much more.

The area offers a variety of crystal-clear waters to swim, world-class fishing and spectacular diving locations to enjoy on yacht in Peloponnese.

  • Enjoy a true sailing experience on fast sailing yacht with service & comfort!
  • Explore the most beautiful areas
  • Take a swim in a picturesque bay on the way or make a short trip ashore.
  • Sail and relax as if on your own private yacht.

We are a team of motivated people with a great passion for our job.

Multilingual, multicultural stuff with decades of combined experience in every aspect of Tourism.